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At Gilchesters Organics, we combine the traditional art of stone milling with quality grains from nature.

Gilchesters Organics, situated two miles north of Hadrian’s Wall, where we grow and mill our heritage grains.

our family philosophy

At Gilchesters, on the site of a roman fort we work with nature growing and milling our heritage grains alongside herds of rare-breed cattle to combine a balance between farming and wildlife conservation.

Our choice of heritage wheat grains as well as our rye, spelt and even older Emmer and Einkorn cereals is the result of painstaking research into organic crop husbandry on our farm over the last ten years. Our organic farming methods allow us to produce the food people want in harmony with our surroundings.

Modern farming production methods often ignore the fundamental principal of growing crops and livestock within the natural constraints of the land.

"Quality is not a coincidence, it is the result of a considerable effort."

Here at Gilchesters the rotation of crops and animals on each field is designed to ensure the soils are never depleted of naturally occurring minerals and nutrients.

There is an on-going conservation programme, now in it’s tenth year, of replanting hedgerows, creating ponds and habitats for ground nesting birds as well as hunting strips for owls. We have two new ponds, five acres of winter-feeding sites for birds, four new woods, fourteen kilometres of uncultivated field margins and nearly eight kilometres of new and improved hedges. The first of these hedges will now be laid this winter.

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