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Hairy Bikers Spelt Sourdough

Makes one loaf

For the Poolish


Sourdough Starter


Gilchester's Organic Wholemeal Spelt Flour


Warm water

For the dough


Gilchesters Organic Spelt Flour










The Poolish needs to be prepared the night before you want to bake your sourdough.
Mix all Poolish ingredients and rest overnight.

For the dough, combine the flour and salt in the mixing bowl, mix 200g of Poolish and water in a large measuring jug. Pour the wet mix into the flour, then use a wooden spoon or dough scraper to bring together, making sure the flour is worked in.

Cover the bowl with an upturned bowl or shower cap and leave for 10 minutes in a warm place.

Next pinch up a small portion of the dough from the side, stretch it up and over, then press it into the other side of the dough. Pinch another piece next to where you grabbed the first and repeat this stretch and fold another 6-8 times working your way around the dough. The dough will become more smooth and firm as the gluten develops.

Rest the dough for 10 minutes more, then repeat the stretch and fold another 8-10 times. Repeat the stretch and fold process twice more. Leave the dough in a warm place to rise for 1 hour, lightly covered with an upturned bowl/clean shower cap.

Tip out the dough onto a floured work surface and shape into a thick disc. Line a proving basket or colander with a clean tea towel or proving linen. If using a proving basket, you don’t have to use a cloth but you’ll need to generously flour the basket to prevent it sticking.

Leave in a warm place to prove for approx 3 hours, the dough will be ready when it springs back after being gently pressed, looks puffy and has increased in size.

Pre-heat your oven to 220°C, put your loaf in the oven, at this point your oven loses heat, wait for the oven to come back up to temperature and turn the temperature down to 200°C and bake for 35 minutes or until golden brown and the bottom sounds hollow when you tap it.

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