Crop Research

At Gilchesters Organics, we never stop learning how to do our job better.

Our research projects respond to consumers' increasing demands for healthy and nutritious food produced sustainably

Constantly striving to improve

For our latest published research papers CLICK the PHOTO ON THE LEFT for the Antioxidant capacity in rye and spelt and CLICK the PHOTO ON THE RIGHT for our wheat phenolics paper

Our Healthy Minor Cereals research has responded to consumers’ increasing demands for healthy, nutritious, and innovative food produced sustainably. Our knowledge on the genetic diversity and nutritional density of spelt, rye, oats, emmer and einkorn has been very rewarding. The varieties of rye from Poland, Estonia, Austria and Germany have performed well in the North East. We also know that plant breeders are crossing spelt with wheat varieties to make the crop more beneficial to farmers and producers but reluctant to share this with bakers and consumers. Our new True Spelt initiative is a purity guarantee commitment to consumers.

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