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Our research projects respond to consumers' increasing demands for healthy and nutritious food produced sustainably

Constantly striving to improve

Our Healthy Minor Cereals research is well under way. From a consortium of farmers, millers, bakers, universities and research institutes aiming to boost cultivation and consumption of five minor cereals (rye, oat, spelt , emmer and einkorn) from 800+ species within European gene banks, the multidisciplinary HealthyMinorCereals project responds to consumers’ increasing demands for healthy, nutritious, and innovative food produced sustainably.

Our crop trials have now been conducted for two consecutive growing seasons. The data from these trials is now available. Please go to the research website, or download the latest newsletters in pdf from the following links:

Newsletter 3 2015 trial results

Newsletter 4 2016 trial results

We will continue to keep you updated as our results become available.

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