At Gilchesters Organics we stone mill UK organic grains to bring nutritious and delicious flours to your home, shop, bakery or restaurant. Stone milling is an age-old process that allows us to retain all the goodness of the grain. That’s our promise, nothing added and nothing lost.  

Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health
Plant Health = SOIL Health

Nature has the answers, if you ask the right questions 

With centuries of farming experience on our family farm, we know that soil health goes without saying. It’s a critical part of how the planet functions and we have the great responsibility of contributing more than we take. (Fun fact: in just a shovel’s worth of soil there are as many microorganisms as there are people in the world). As farmers, we are custodians of the land, and we see it as a privilege to look after nature so that she can look after us.

Our plants and your food have never come close to synthetic sprays 

We don’t just stop at soil health; the health of the growing plant is just as important. There is an intricate relationship between the two and that’s why we choose organic. Organic farming is the only farming that prohibits any use of synthetic sprays, fertilisers or any chemicals. We ensure our plants grow in healthy, vibrant soil to produce a flour that is nutritious, delicious and better for the land.  

It takes a village to run a farm and mill, but a nation to support them 

Knowing that fantastic crops come from fantastic soil, we are constantly searching for the best UK organic crops. Our continued efforts are down to you, our customers. We know the quality you demand and value your support to help us grow our supply network, continue to nurture soil health, and improve biodiversity. In return, we hope you see, feel and taste the benefits in your home, bakery or kitchen.  

Why stone milling? 


Stone milling preserves both the germ and the bran. The germ is packed full of nutrients like Vitamin B, antioxidants and fibre, all contributing to a high nutritional value. The bran, being rich in dietary fibre, helps promote digestive health.

Taste and Smell

Stone milling is a slow and gentle process that helps keep the natural oils in tact, and that’s what gives the flour an incredible aroma and ultimately, flavour. Our mills smell amazing all day!

How the flour feels (the rule of thumb)

Our stoneground flours have a wonderful texture, which is an early indicator of the quality you can work with and enjoy when you open a bag of Gilchesters flour.

Keeping it cool

Stone milling helps keep the temperatures in the milling process low, and this in turn looks after the integrity of the grains that we, collectively, put so much effort into growing within the UK organic sector.


We love tradition and the craftsmanship that goes with it, the basics of stone milling are age old and full of history and we are proud to be part of the UK stone milling industry - an industry we plan to contribute to for many years to come. We've introduced some modern machinery into the mix that streamlines production once the flour has left the stones themselves, resulting in a perfect merriment of the old and the new.

  • People

    People are the beating heart of Gilchesters Organics. We are lucky to have a brilliant team and dedicated partners that proudly bring you quality UK organic stone-milled flour, family run for over 17 years.

  • Process

    We value openness when it comes to operations, and we know you do too. It’s important to us to ensure every step, from sourcing to delivery, reflects our commitment to honesty and transparency. If there’s anything you’re not sure about, just ask.

  • Positivity

    We embrace positivity wholeheartedly, celebrating the good times and tackling challenges with optimism. When it comes to showcasing our products, we focus on our strengths rather than competing with others, contributing to a positive food and farming community.

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