Running Gilchesters Organics at Duchess Farms, is our collective dream come true. We have a brilliant team, and fantastic partners and supporters. We also have an open-door policy and love to host, so please drop by and meet us in person!  

Meet us and our team

Early 2023 we proudly took over as custodians of Gilchesters Organics, the original organic flour brand founded back in 2007 at Gilchesters Farm, Northumberland by Andrew and Bille Wilkinson, true pioneers in the world of organic farming.

We are Oscar, Laura and Max, and we head up Gilchesters Organics at Duchess Farms, supported by our second-to-none team.

From milling, sieving and mixing through to packaging and facilities management – our team has it covered. We’re proud to say our milling operation functions like a well-oiled machine thanks to: 

  • Ben Marsh
  • George Harding
  • Katie Arnstein
  • Kristian Cornell
  • Matt Bowman
  • Thomas Beney

Our dedicated partners

Our grain is still sourced from the original founders of Gilchesters Organics, as well as an ever-growing network of organic UK farms. Selecting and sourcing the best grains is an art form and we have the best partners in the business: 

  • Andrew Wilkinson, Gilchesters Farm 
  • Andrew Trump, Organic Arable  
  • Andrew Forbes, Brockwell Bake 
  • Tom Desborough, Cope Seeds 
millstone from Engsko Milling Systems, Denmark

Our quality supporters  


Engsko has been working in the milling sector for more than 100 years. Their millstones are made of all natural materials, and we are the proud owners of two Engsko stone mills, the Europemill 600 and her big sister the Europemill 950. 

For more on their history and activities, head over to their site ENGSKO

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